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Amazing Business Radio Podcast interview with Shep Hyken

480x270_81061Join me in an interview by the legendary Shep Hyken as we discuss the importance of paying attention, and how paying the right amount of attention to the right things can actually save both time and money. Learn how to disconnect when necessary and apply your attention appropriately to succeed in both …

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Take Charge of Your Personal Life – Guest Blog by Jon Petz

No matter how much you try to keep your personal and professional lives separate, they both have a great impact on each other. Even for some, their professional life is the reflection of their personal life. When you are happy, stable, and content in your personal life,you may redirect your …

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5 Things to Stop Doing to Be More Productive


Any time means no timeProductivity is all about getting as much done as possible in as little time as we can feasibly manage. Unfortunately, many of our habits and excuses that we believe are making us more productive are actually having the exact opposite effect.

Here are five things you need to stop …

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Digital Detox – Plug Into What Matters Most

During the summer months it’s the perfect time to experiment with your own Digital Detox. Read about mine here, we’d love to hear about yours. Watch this video for more ideas and share your comments below.

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Digital Distractions – Neen’s Pet Peeves

Attention is all about connection. When we choose our phone and other digital distractions over our person we aren’t paying attention to what really matters.

What are your pet peeves? One of mine is when others make technology more important than people!
Today I challenge you:
Can you schedule a …

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Pay attention on social media guest blog by Joel Block

Joel Block HeadshotNOTE from Neen: Joel is one of the most generous re-tweeters I know and a genuinely fabulous human. I saw this post on Facebook recently and with his permission have posted it here. His ideas on paying attention to others on social media is great advice for all of …

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What are your Attention Grabbing Gremlins?


gremlin attention distractions

There were only three rules for Billy’s new pet: no water, no food after midnight and no bright lights. Did you see the movie Gremlins?


Once this happened, the cute, adorable little pet became a green monster creating chaos.


Do you have attention grabbing gremlins? What …

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Sound Check 1, 2, 3 – What You Need to Know (Guest Blog: MeetingsNet)


Sound Check Speaker EventThe sound check may not be the most glamorous item on your event checklist, but it is one of the most important. Without smoothly functioning audiovisual, your speakers’ messages will be lost.


As Sidney Stoper, account executive with J& S Audio Visual and chair of the Meetings Industry

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Prepare for the Seasons


Prepare for the SeasonsBucks County, where I live, experiences every season. We get hot sticky summers, spectacular Fall leaves, snow in winter and spring brings stunning flowers. It’s stunning and when we moved from Australia I had no idea that people in this area ‘winterize’ their homes (not a term I’d heard …

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Serving Different Generations – Guest Blog by Anna Liotta

business mentor senior teach audience millennial lessons professionalDo you ever deliver customer service that makes every generation feel delighted or dismayed?

Most companies claim, “What makes us different is how we serve our clients and customers.” But all too often, what is really happening is they are treating each generation of customers EXACTLY the same. Without knowing …

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