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Attention Pays™: Creating Moments That Matter

Attention Pays™: Creating Moments That Matter

Book by Neen James

Coming 2016

Becoming AH-Mazing is all about focusing on what’s important in our lives so we can create those moments that matter. It's about growing our impact and influence, both personally and professionally, so we can create more significance. If you love Neen's practical approach to business and life, you will love her latest book on how to be AH-Mazing every day!

Folding Time $20  Buy Now

Folding Time

240-page book by Neen James

All of us are constantly being asked to do more with less. But if we can get clear about the activities that make the biggest difference to our productivity, we can get twice as much done in half time and free ourselves up to get on with whatever else we choose. This practical, easy-to-read book is perfect for people who want more control so they can manage their time, focus their attention and manage their energy. If you feel overwhelmed running from one project to the next, and wonder how you'll ever get it all done... you can benefit from discovering how to Fold Time!

Folding Time Online Mentoring Program

Online Mentoring Program

Do you need to find more productive ways to get through your to-do list? Do you want to get more hours back in your day so you can spend time on what matters most to you? How about growing your impact and influence as a leader? If you answered yes to any of these, the Folding Time Online Mentoring Program can benefit you! This virtual mentoring program delivers practical, instantly implementable productivity strategies, along with the motivation and accountability to follow through.
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